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About Me

Hi, this is Glenna Gonzalez,

Here is a little bit about me… With over two decades of experience in Marketing and Business Development, I’ve played a pivotal role in guiding clients and businesses toward growth, transformation, and success. My extensive background includes marketing for both national and international organizations, both as an employee and as a Freelancer.

As an award-winning business development professional, I’ve achieved remarkable results for the businesses and clients I’ve had the privilege to serve. In addition to my marketing expertise, I bring experience as a workforce planner and talent advisor for national and international organizations. My focus has been on aiding brands in their growth and scalability through strategic workforce planning and acquisition. Holding certification as a Coach, I’ve had the opportunity to coach and consult clients across the United States.

My personal journey involves transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship. This shift followed successful years in Human Resources for national and international corporations, where I initially ventured into side gigs in Content Creation, Marketing, and Public Relations. Digital Marketing is its own beast, and ever-evolving. There is always more and more to learn. However, I believe my story can resonate with others navigating similar paths. 

Here are a few key points that make my story and expertise worth sharing with you. I hold an MBA and a Master’s in Human Services, which uniquely positions me to approach marketing and consulting from both business and human-centered perspectives. Just know though, that some of the most successful digital marketers and content creators have learned from various online and digital platforms. My journey from part-time freelance work with JB Tyler Marketing & Consulting, LLC to becoming a full-time entrepreneur is a testament to the resilience and adaptability required in today’s business landscape, particularly for individuals well over 40. Raising children who excelled academically is a testament to the strategies I’ve employed in balancing my professional and personal life. In this new chapter of my life, my mission is to deliver value to those I serve by offering content and resources. My aim is to support you as you navigate a journey towards a more fulfilling life for both you and your family.

My Hobbies…

Although I’ve treasured my international travels, my newfound enthusiasm centers around cruising. A couple of years ago, my inaugural cruise connected me with extraordinary individuals, infusing more joy into my life. Cruises have provided moments of clarity and focus, allowing me to appreciate my present and I eagerly anticipate the future. Alongside my cruise adventures, I’ve taken up golf, unveiling a new world of fitness and well-being. While I may not be a Golf Superstar, the experience has been gratifying despite the occasional brutal slice. Engaging in these activities has also reignited my interest in reading, drawing inspiration from both classic and contemporary authors. As an aspiring author, I eagerly anticipate the creative output that will emerge from these pursuits.

My Mission…

My mission is to become the best version of myself in order to assist everyone I connect and engage with in their growth, personal branding, and the transformation of their lives, side projects, and businesses. Affiliate Marketing and Online Content Creation are emerging as profitable avenues accessible to individuals of all ages and skill levels. The journey of learning content creation and digital marketing is truly enriching. While valuable information is available in various places, platforms like YouTube stand out as amazing resources for those seeking success in their online ventures. Working online has the potential to unlock financial, time, and location freedom beyond your wildest dreams. Join me on, where continuous content uploads provide a platform that celebrates YOU!

This is going to be an amazing journey for you and for me!

My Absolute Best Wishes,
Glenna Gonzalez

My Social Media…

While my Youtube Channel (JB Tyler PR @JBTylerPR) currently only contains nearly all motivational videos, we will upload more content later that creates more value in your learning journey. Do Subscribe to my channel so that you can get alerts when we begin uploading new content.

I am confident that my background in marketing and consulting, coupled with my experiences and insights, can offer valuable perspectives, particularly for those contemplating a career transition or seeking effective strategies for launching a side gig or consultancy.

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